Construction Certificates

AIS Certifiers are accredited under the Building and Development Certifiers Act to issue Construction certificates, you are not obligated to remain with council when a construction certificate is required.

Prior to starting building or construction work, you’ll need to apply for a Construction Certificate (CC).

This certificate confirms that the construction plans and development specifications are consistent with the development consent and comply with the Building Code and any other council requirements.

To start the process with AIS you must forward through your approved development consent issued by your local council. Ensure you have met all the requirements council placed on your development consent and provide details of work, such as construction plans and specifications for the development.


  1. YOU provide us with application forms, stamped plans, conditions of consent and any other information available for a free quote and preliminary assessment
  2. WE respond with a quote for works to be provided and request any further information required
  3. YOU confirm acceptance of quote via payment of invoice and provide us with all requested information and submit on the NSW Planning Portal.
  4. WE complete assessment and issue you with a Construction Certificate. This will also be lodged with the appropriate Council via NSW Planning Portal.
  5. YOU may have items to be completed “prior to commencement of works” as set out by your Conditions of Consent and Law, such as provision of Home Warranty Insurance, or payment of bonds to Council. You must complete these items and provide us with “Notice of Commencement”.
  6. WE issue signed notice of commencement to Council.
  7. YOU complete notice of commencement on NSW Planning Portal.

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Popular certification services

Construction Certificates

We can work with you to get a construction certificate and start work on your construction project as soon as possible.


Complying Development Certificates

Complying Development (CDC) is a combined planning and construction approval for straight forward development that can be determined through an accelerated assessment by AIS Certifiers.


Occupation Certificates

We will supply you with a list of required documentation that will need to be submitted at the end of the project, enabling us to issue you with an Occupational Certificate.


Principal Certifying

During our role as PC, AIS certifiers will carry out the critical stage inspections in a professional manner providing advice and assistance along the way.


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